Group of factories Verdröller
A group of
specialized factories
for the manufacture
of coated shafts
VERDRÖLLER – one of the leading and dynamically developing enterprises of China for the production of various types of shafts for equipment for the production and processing of paper.


Company VERDRÖLLER creates products that in all respects are not inferior to their European counterparts
Vertical precision machining centers and unique CNC machines make it possible to produce shafts up to 12 m long
and up to 2.8 m in diameter with dynamic balancing up to 2500 m/min.
What do we produce?
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Roll net tension
Roll cloth leading
Roll net leading
Corrugate roll
Fountain roll
Squeegee roll
Clamping roll
Adhesive roll
Glue roll
Acceleration roll
Banana roll
Straightening roll
Gauch roll
Press roll
Granite roll
Hard-drilled roll
Perforated roll
Anilox roll
Raster roll
Stamping roll
Calender roll
Chest roll
Suction roll
Drying roll
Yankee cylinder
Our production
Today, Verdröller creates products that are not inferior in terms of basic parameters to European counterparts.

The use of Verdröller shafts in your production will make it possible to exclude significant expenses during the outage, will make it possible to quickly pay for capital costs during the operation and to receive significant profits in the future.

Verdröller - manufactures coated rolls for the largest papermaking enterprises in China:

- paper mills group Sun Paper (speed paper machine 400-800 m/min).
- paper mills group Chen Ming Group (speed paper machine 300-1200 m/min).
- factorys Nine Dragons Group (speed paper machine 300-1200 m/min).
- factorys Lee&Man Group (speed paper machine 400-1000 m/min).
- factorys Goldsun (speed paper machine do 1200 m/min).

Our clients
Among our customers
The largest plants in the world.
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UNIT 1505, Tower South, SOHO Shangdu, 8, Dong Daqiao Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100020, China
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