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Dewat® – is one of the leading and dynamically developing enterprises in Taiwan for the production of various types of paper manufacturing and processing equipment.


Due to the use of high-tech equipment: electric sparks, 3-axis digital drills, electronic laser drills - the Dewat® production company creates products that are not inferior in all respects to their European counterparts.
Our production
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Perforated sieves
Sorting sieves
Separator sieves
Slotted sieves
Sieve for screw presses
Sorting plates
Plates pulper
Filter plates
Hydroplanes with ceramic coating
Hydroplanes coated with high molecular weight polyethylene
Suction drawer covers
Forming boards
Suction boxes assembled
Our manufacture
Today, Dewat® creates products that are not inferior in terms of basic parameters to European counterparts, and with the high quality of Dewat® products, their cost is much lower than European ones.

The use of Dewat® products in your production will improve the quality of the paper produced, reduce energy costs and increase the volume of products, which will further increase the profits of your company.

Dewat® manufactured the largest separator screen in Asia. It is made for Hai Nan Jinhai Co. Ltd. (ID 2545 H 3200 slit 5.0 mm)

Dewat® works with the largest papermaking enterprises in China and Asia:
- paper mills group Sun Paper (speed paper machine 400-800 m/min).
- paper mills group Chen Ming Group (speed paper machine 300-1200 m/min).
- factorys Nine Dragons Group (speed paper machine 300-1200 m/min).
- factorys Lee&Man Group (speed paper machine 400-1000 m/min).
- factorys Goldsun (speed paper machine do 1200 m/min).
Our clients
Among our customers
The largest plants in the world.
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UNIT 1505, Tower South, SOHO Shangdu, 8, Dong Daqiao Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100020, China
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